First glue-up

Note from this shot that I’m using only two lengths of 1X3 rather than the three shown on the previous page. The section of the axe handle that gets inserted is only about five inches long. As you’ll see in the following pages this setup works perfectly and allows the end of the handle to get buried inside the head.

Get the pieces aligned and drill a pilot hole for a deck screw in both ends.


Use a drill bit that matches the diameter of the screw head to create a countersink.


Unclamp the parts and give them a good coat of glue. Stick them back together (over something that’ll catch glue drips – AKA “squeeze out”) and drive the screws home.


Make sure the screw heads are just below the surface of the wood.


Apply clamps to the middle sections of each piece to hold them together and wipe away any squeeze out with a damp sponge. Note that I glued the pieces in the foreground in the same orientation. The other piece has the 3X3 turned 90 degrees. Does it matter? I don’t know!!


Moving along: Handle pocket

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