Tools, ah tools. Starting clockwise from the top and going to the center:

  • 80 and 120 grit sandpaper. These are rolls of sandpaper with pressure sensitive adhesive on the back. Great stuff – roll it out on your kitchen counter, press it down, and you have an instantly flat sanding surface.
  • A tri-square for marking parts and making sure they’re aligned properly.
  • F-clamps – you’ll need four.
  • An electric drill for driving screws and drilling pilot holes.
  • A good quality glue – Shown is TiteBond II but you’ll also need 5 minute epoxy and optionally marine epoxy.
  •  A sharp saw, a few deck screws, a bit to drill pilot holes for the screws and another slightly larger one (not shown) to drill the countersink for the screw heads, and a curved rasp.


Next: Cutting parts

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